Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers

Once the growing seamarket-6son gets rolling Fire Flower Garden provides a steady supply of fresh cut flowers. In spring daffodils are plentiful. Summer brings on everything from lovable zinnias to calla lilies. The list of annual, perennial and bulb blossoms is far too long to list here.Barb even makes edible tussie-mussies often incorporating into them her proilific Johnny Jump-Ups. In summer she uses her keen design eye and crafts unique bouquets in every imaginable hue and texture.

Bouquets continue to be available until frost puts and end to the gardens. Fire Flowers are available at Belfast Farmers’ Market every Friday from 9am to 1pm during the season.

Cut Flower Updates:

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Fire Flower Garden

Garden-1Fire Flower Garden is a small farm/large garden that grew out of a love of flowers and gardening. Some years ago Barbara found herself with more perennial divisions, seedlings, and dried flowers than she could use, and began hauling them off the nearby Belfast Farmers Market. She expanded into a seasonal plant and flower business which begins with pots of violas and newly dug field grown perennials.

In mid season there is a plentiful supply of flowers for cutting, and by August, dried flowers are becoming available. The season winds down  in September, finishing up with a few weeks of dried flowers and dried herbs for tea at the Belfast Farmers Market. For more information and updates, see the News & Events page.

A summer stroll through the gardens will reveal Barbara’s eye for texture and color, along with an amazing array of hardy plant varieties suited to the often harsh mid-Maine climate. Her gardens are in USDA Zone 4, although she has been able to grow lavender successfully for many years. Whimsical pottery critters created by Charlie Krause, Barbara’s husband, may be lurking almost anywhere. Fire Flower Garden is Certified Organic by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association).

Plants and Tubers

Fire Flower Garden Plants at MarketBarb grows a wide range of tried and true plant material that is habituated to the harsh conditions in central Maine. Fire Flower Garden is MOFGA Certified Organic and offers hard field grown perennials, bulb and tuberous plants. Plants are divided and transplanted at the most auspicious time of year for each plant.

Fire Flower garden plants and tubers are available during the summer season at Belfast Farmers’ Market, Belfast Maine, May thought September, Fridays from 9am to 1pm.

Plant Related News:

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Garden Visits

Fire Flower Garden is open by appointment for garden visits. See Contacts for phone and email to arrange a visit.  In addition of the perennial cottage gardens surrounding the 1800’s farm house and pottery, Barb keeps a propagating garden across the road. Charlie has been growing an extensive “Willow Room” that changes from year as he trains and prunes this whimsical feature. Every year in mid-summer  Barb and Charlie open Fire Flower Garden and Barbara Walch Pottery to the public, offering an old fashioned Garden Party.

The Farm Stand

The gardens and plant stand are open for perennial plants, cut flowers and herb plants during the season, from May through mid-September. We use the time honored self service system, unless we happen to be out in the garden when you arrive. It is advised that you call ahead if you need to “talk gardening” or are looking for cut flowers, or want to purchase pottery. See Contact for directions, phone number and other information.

Garden Event News:

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At Market

marketFire Flower Garden plants, cut flowers, and a small assortment of Barbara Walch Pottery is available every Friday (with a few exceptions when going to craft fairs) from May through October at Belfast Farmers’ Market, Belfast Maine . Charlie’s hand made willow baskets are also for sale when available.

If you need to travel with your cut flower purchase, Barb offers a mason jar with water for a small additional fee–to keep them happy during the ride.

What’s New at Market:

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